"Let the beauty we love be what we do." Rumi

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Moving the lighthouse

Moving the lighthouse? Well, sort of.  This small painting is moving to a new home on Whidbey.  It was SOLD at the Holiday Lites show at a great gallery/coffee house, Timbuktu Java Bar in Freeland, Washington.  You can see the painting's back story on my 11/29/10 blog 'Light on Light'.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

2011 Reflections

It is 2011!  And I am still here.   But why no posts for a while?
In January 2009 I decided to be a serious amateur painter and started with taking a painting class...
In January 2010 I realized and that since my picture hanging spaces had run out, (1) I needed to get serious about showing and selling...of course all the time keeping up the painting and in aid of that, (2) I really needed to step up to technology. So I opened this blog.  What a year it was!! 
So here it is 2011 and time for reflections. The main thing I have learned is that time is the issue.  No surprise there.   We all have 24/7, but it is no secret that some folks get a lot more done than others without apparently sacrificing anything important.  I know of very few ways to speed up the right brain stuff (sans mind altering chemicals), although if anyone does please let me know.  So it has to be the other parts:  technology and information have to work harder for me.  I have arranged for young college student friend to teach me Facebook,  I have borrowed a DVD on running my new (used) Nikon and bought a dummie's type book about Photoshop.  I trust that the learning curve will not exceed the time gained.
So I look forward to efficiency in technology and more happy days painting... I should be posting again soon.
Hey, if we don't have dreams what are we?